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What Your Body Goes Through During a Juice Cleanse

ant to kickstart your health journey? Thinking about doing a juice cleanse?  After all, completing a juice cleanse can bring a plethora of healthy benefits - alternating from an improved immune system and digestive system to a better night’s sleep.

Before diving into the deep end and embarking on your juice cleanse journey, it may be worth-while knowing what happens to your body during a juice cleanse and what you should expect. Here’s a little of what you can typically expect from the juice cleanse process. 

Day 1 


Though on day 1 of the cleanse, this hunger is more likely to be due to your eating routine as opposed to a genuine need for food - especially since you’ve grown accustomed to eating solid food every few hours over your lifetime. This feeling might be uncomfortable, but it’ll go away as the day ends. If you are struggling to fight off your cravings for a snack, try eating soft fruits such as bananas or grapefruits that are easy to digest. 

Less Energy

As your first day comes to a close, you will feel tired and a little sluggish - as you’re taking in fewer calories than your body normally does.

If you usually exercise heavily, you should take it easy throughout your juice cleanse and give your body rest.

Getting Back to Normal

Despite the momentary changes to your diet, everything should be running normally in your digestive tract, as the system is still unaware of the change. However, the second day of your cleanse will be a little different. 

Day 2

Digestive Changes

The first day is always the hardest. Day 2 of a juice cleanse typically begins on a high note. With less in your stomach, you’ll wake up feeling much lighter than normal and more energized.  

On a lighter note, frequent trips to the bathroom will become a regular thing as your body has only been ingesting liquid for the past 24hours. Your digestive system will also begin to realize the changes happening in your body as well.

Most people don't know, but up to 50%-60% of your daily energy can be spent digesting food. That’s why your body shuts down after eating a huge meal. Your body is using all its energy to break the food down and send things to the right places. Stopping food intake allows your digestive system to switch off for a short period of time, meaning your body can distribute its energy throughout other parts of the body.

As a reminder, please stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day. Your body will thank you later.

More Energy

During day 2 of your cleanse, there’s a great chance that you will wake up feeling extremely energetic.

As you drink your juices throughout the day, vitamins, and minerals will flow through your system and boost your energy levels.

Caffeine Withdrawals 

Mainly for devoted coffee drinkers, withdrawal symptoms may start to kick in as the cleanse continues - including headaches and irritability. These headaches should lessen over time. 

Day 3

Reduced Bloating 

If you have an undiagnosed food tolerance, you may suddenly experience bloating, stomach discomfort, and headaches when you eat certain foods. However, when you cut these foods out from your diet while juice cleansing, you will eliminate these symptoms completely and begin feeling much better. 

Thanks to the cleanse, you can investigate which foods are likely running amuck in your gut (whether it’s soy, wheat, gluten, or anything in between), and adjust your diet accordingly. 

Weight Loss 

Since your diet has changed the past couple of days and you have decreased your daily calorie intake during your juice cleanse, you may notice that you’ve dropped some pounds.

After a juice cleanse, many people reasonably put the weight back on in the coming week due to overeating or going back to their normal diets without any changes. You can fight this effect by being more aware of your eating habits post-cleanse and trying not to go overboard. 

So, Why Should You Do A Juice Cleanse? 

A juice cleanse is a great way to get more disciplined with your health and start a new journey to bettering your health.

Juice cleanses can deliver the body lots of benefits ,including an improved immune system, weight loss, better sleep, reduced bloating, and an improvement to general health. 

3-Day Juice Cleanse for Immune System and Weight Loss
3-Day Juice Cleanse for Immune System and Weight Loss

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