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Our Founder

Najee Ellerbe is a certified juice therapist with a background in business development. He saw the need for an affordable juice delivery service in Washington, DC, specifically in East of the River, where it has been designated as a Food Desert.  Najee wanted to provide wellness education along with healing the community through fresh cold-pressed juices. Out of  that dream, Everybody’s Juice was created. 

Once owner & CEO, Najee Ellerbe, was introduced to the world of juicing from naturally having to cure himself from the flu, an ailment he held for nearly a month, a passion for achieving optimal healthy living was birthed. Following his first juice cleanse, which lasted 5 days, he felt better than he ever had and immediately wondered why it took him so long to find out about this lifestyle and wished he had the knowledge and understanding of how important juice cleansing and daily juicing is for the body.  

Everybody's Juice was created with a passion for health, longevity, and quality of life in mind with the idea of helping others achieve optimal health through juicing. 

Our Mission

To offer a healthy, delicious and stimulating juicing experience to customers through our 100 percent natural and fresh fruit & vegetable juices.

​Transparency, honesty, and community embodies what Everybody’s Juice stands for. As we continue to grow as a leader in the plant-based community, we will ensure that these principles continue to be the core of our brand.

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