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The Starting Fat-Loss Program


If you are looking to kick-start your fat loss efforts while improving your health at the same time, then this program is for you.

This program contains the key information and resources that you will need for sustainable and realistic weekly fat loss.

Fat loss is not about boring and bland meal plans. It is about how much you are eating on a consistent basis. Therefore, our primary goal is to calculate how many calories you need to consume daily. We also know the importance of how your daily protein, carbohydrate and fat intake are too, so that must be calculated before starting.

The Starting Fat Loss Program features:

  • Complete Supplement Guide and Training Regimen

  • Full Nutrition Plan - Effective, done for you 7-day meal plan designed to cleanse your body, boost your metabolism, and flatten your stomach.

  • Daily Journalling to Track Results

  • BONUS* workouts - designed to boost your metabolism, bring you more energy, and promote lean muscle for even faster results.


This program has been created to optimize fat burning from your exercise efforts. It’s also important to focus on lean muscle retention at this point of your diet too.

Therefore you will find a detailed training program that consists of a number of advanced weight training plans and high intensity exercises.

The key factor to ensuring you achieve fat loss on this program is creating a daily calorie deficit i.e. you start eating less than your body needs.

Ideally this deficit should be as small as possible, to ensure your performance and health remains high over the course of this program. It will also reduce cravings and hunger levels.

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I’ve done other programs over the years that have beat the hell out of me and made me physically sick trying to keep up with the demands. Your programming blows those guys away - it’s tough but very doable. This is the programming I have been looking for for a long time.


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