Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our FAQ Page

Our juices maintain validity and purity. There are no added sugars, heat, preservatives, chemicals, or pressure processing.  We use 100% organic fruits and vegetables, locally grown. All juices are made using a hydraulic cold-pressed machine. We do not use a centrifugal juice machine. Centrifugal juicer essentially cook the drink and leave the juice with little to no nutritional value.

A more balanced pH (we tend to have very acidic bodies with toxins and pollutions consistently surrounding us) through the alkalizing properties of fruits & veggies, especially leafy green vegetables, better mental clarity and energy, clearer and glowing skin, organ and tissue cleansing, weight management, etc. 

Cold pressing is a method of extracting liquid from plants without removing enzymes or breaking down nutrients with high levels of heat or oxygen. Everybody’s Juice uses a hydraulic cold pressing machine that squeezes every drop of liquid out of fruits and vegetables while keeping its health benefits and properties intact.

To compare a more common form of juicing, centrifugal juicing, relies on a metal blade that spins at great speed against a mesh filter, separating juice from fruit and vegetable solids. This method not only extracts juice that is less compact with vitamins, minerals and enzymes than cold-pressed juice, but the spinning blades makes the juices high in temperature and brings oxidation into the equation, changing the juice’s chemistry and hastening its deterioration.

Consistent cleansing is one of the best tools to attain vitality health in a toxic world. If you feel tired, heavy, bloated, or simply imbalanced reset your health and restore your energy levels with an organic juice cleanse. When done properly, this can improve your digestion and re-energize the body. It can also help you take stock of your current nutritional habits, and determine where there is room for improvement. You should emerge from your cleanse clear-headed, light on your feet, and with a new spring in your step.