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  • What Your Body Goes Through During a Juice Cleanse

    Want to kickstart your health journey? Thinking about doing a juice cleanse?  After all, completing a juice cleanse can bring a plethora of healthy benefits - alternating from an improved immune system and digestive system to a better night’s sleep. 

    Before diving into the deep end and embarking on your juice cleanse journey, it may be worth-while knowing what happens to your body during a juice cleanse and what you should expect. Here’s a little of what you can typically expect from the juice cleanse process. 
  • What Are Micronutrients & Phytochemicals? And How Do They Affect My Health?

    We often hear of protein, carbohydrates, and fats, which are classified as macronutrients. What we don't hear enough about are micronutrients. 

    Micronutrients are one of the major groups of nutrients your body needs. They include vitamins and minerals. Vitamins are necessary for energy production, immune function, blood clotting and other functions.

  • Why Alkalinity is Important

    Balance is the key to a happy, healthy lifestyle. Having a well balanced diet, maintaining a healthy weight, reducing your stress levels, getting plenty of rest and increasing our energy levels are vital to living a healthy lifestyle.