Top Reasons to Juice Daily

When you’re juicing, the nutrients from the fruits, herbs, and vegetables are extracted for you, saving your body energy because it doesn’t have to break down the food in your digestive system.  It can absorb the juice quickly and use the stored energy to repair the body. Here are a few reasons why you should be juicing daily.

Purify the body! Juicing raw fruits and vegetables allows the body to heal from injury and disease by eliminating pathogens and waste from the body. The energy used to clean the digestive system can now go towards healing your body from ailments it couldn’t heal before.

Cleaner skin. Juicers often literally glow and experience cleaner looking skin while on a juice cleanse. The glow is a sign that your body is doing some great healing work!

Give your digestive system a break When you take a juice cleanse, you give your body an opportunity to put the energy normally used for digestion into elimination, recovery, and healing.

Heal your cellular and immune system. When juicing, our cells have the time to repair themselves and remove the waste . During this time, the cells regenerate and assist with strengthening our immune system.

Feel more energized! Many juicers experience an influx of energy and enthusiasm for life as their bodies cleanse themselves of toxins. You might have more energy in the morning and skip the morning coffee and feel better throughout the day. Because we’re getting a consistent level of calories, instead of eating large meals, our energy levels will be higher.


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