5 Reasons to Get Up and Get Active!

Exercising has more benefits than physically lookin good. If exercise could be put in medication form, it would be the biggest and most productive medication ever created.

Here are a few reasons why exercising daily is important to our health.

Healthier insulin sensitivity: Exercise makes your cells and muscles more sensitive to insulin so you don’t need as much. Less insulin means less belly fat.

Reduced stress: Exercise reduces cortisol – the stress hormone in our bodies. Too much cortisol and we become insulin resistant and store belly fat. Too much cortisol also makes you crave sugar and carbs and seek comfort food.

Improved brain health: Exercise improves memory, learning, and concentration. Exercise helps to improve your mood, boost your energy, and reduce overall stress in your body and mind.

Reduced risk for chronic disease. Exercise does this through several mechanisms. It protects your heart and reduces your risk of heart attack and stroke. It reduces inflammation (the cause of almost every disease of aging), and it balances hormones, reducing breast and other common cancers.

Improved detoxification. Besides moving the colon, intense exercise allows our body to release toxins through your skin. It boosts the detoxification of environmental chemicals. Exercise will help you work up a sweat, but gentle exercise keeps your circulation going and flushes out all the toxic fluids that build up in your lymphatic system.

Improved sexual function. Increased circulation and more energy are two of many reasons that consistent exercise can spark up your sex life.

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