Immune Boosting During Fall

One of the best ways to protect your body is to eat to beat disease every day, as opposed to waiting for something to go wrong. It's that same reason that those of us that are in fall season need to proactively think about how to boost our immune systems now. The immune system is especially important because it plays such a large role in our bodies, and has the ability to not only protect us against the common cold, but also other ailments.
Every little action you take to support your immune system goes a long way in protecting our health defense systems. Some foods that support your immune system include:

  • Chile peppers. Try chopped peppers in or on sauces, meats, and other dishes.
  • Aged garlic. Garlic is a delicious aromatic and super easy to incorporate into any meal or dish. 
  • Blackberries. The summer season is winding down, but try to catch some last-minute blackberry picks at the market. 
  • Broccoli. Try garlic-sautéd or garlic-baked broccoli at your next dinner. 
  • White button mushrooms. Throw some mushrooms into your next marinara, pasta, or salad. 
  • Chestnuts. Eat a few as a snack, throw them into salads, or your next baking project. 
  • Pomegranate juice. Drink some with your breakfast for a tart, immune-boosting side.



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