Reasons to Avoid Refined Sugar

Refined sugar was virtually nonexistent in our diets until about 40 years ago. Today, the over-consumption of refined sugar is one of the leading causes to so many ailments that we are dealing with currently.

Sugar contributes to a lot of bad health outcomes such as cavities, gut issues, diabetes, and lack of blood flow. Choosing to avoid refined sugar can prevent these ailments, contributing to a longer and prosperous life. Here are a few reasons why men should leave the refined sugar alone.


Sugar decreases blood flow

The lack of proper blood flow through the body caused by inflammation, high blood pressure, and excess fat can also affect your sex life. Too much sugar can enhance erectile dysfunction, leading to impotence. Sugar also reduces our sex drive by dropping testosterone. Nerve damage and heart conditions can also lead to an inability to have sex.


Sugar destroys the immune system

Refined sugar destroys the immune system by lowering the effectiveness of white blood cells for hours at a time after consumption, sugar overwhelms the immune system and stops our ability to fight disease and infection.


Sugar depletes vital minerals

Besides consuming empty calories with just about no nutritional value, sugar actually robs our body of important minerals. Sugar causes essential minerals like zinc, potassium, sodium and calcium to be filtered out of the body. This causes issues with our bones, joints, and muscles.


Sugar is addictive

One can make an argument that sugar is a legal drug. Like drugs, sugar fuels the release of dopamine, a “happy” chemical in the brain. As we eat or drink sugar, our bodies create more dopamine receptors that lead us wanting more sugar, resulting in a vicious cycle of sugar consumption.


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