Why Am I Not Losing Weight? Here's Why

Hit a wall in your weight loss efforts? Don't let it get you down; we've all been there. Here are a few reasons it's happening, along with simple angles to break through you and get you back on track. Let’s dive into it.


Too much stress

Chronic stress causes the accumulation of body fat. Chronic stress can be from different causes ranging from poor sleep quality, having a stressful job, consuming too much caffeine, constantly wired, and drinking too much alcohol. In simpler terms, when the body is stressed, the fat-loss process is much more difficult.

The quick and short is prioritizing doing activities that you enjoy. Everyday. Don't make life all about work; and we beg you, please don't take things too serious. Get outside, get some sunlight and move. Also it may be helpful to do a caffeine detox if you need more than 3 cups of coffee to get through the day.

You’re living a sedentary lifestyle.

A lot of Americans live a sedentary lifestyle. Even those who go to the gym or find an hour to get a cardio workout may not move as much as they think. Once that hour is done, what's happening the rest of the day?

It’s time to look at how you spend your day.  Are you sitting at a desk or living room table (for remote workers) for 8+ hours a day? If so, you should add more low-intensity movement into your life. When in doubt, move. Walk more! Walk before work, during work, on break, and after work. You should aim for 10,000 steps a day.  Make it more pleasurable by listening to some tunes.

Not tracking your food

We’re not telling you to become compulsive over this by writing down every single thing you eat. Nevertheless, we recommend tracking what you eat for a week or two. You may see you are eating too many more calories than you think you are. Most people tend to misjudge how much they eat.

A cool little trick is to eat some protein before you sit down to eat a meal. Whether it’s almonds, cashews, or a protein shake. You'll find yourself with fewer cravings and eating smaller portions because protein tends to keep us feeling full longer.

There could be many reasons your weight loss has stalled, but those are what we see as some of the most usual barriers people hit while trying to lose weight.

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