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4-Pack Juice Bundle (12oz.)


Sip your best life one day at a time with new daily bundles! Each set includes four juices curated however you like to elevate your daily routine and create healthy habits.

*Please select what juices would you like in your order at the checkout process. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Wow So Refreshing and Earthy!

Omg 😱 I suffer with digestive issues and let me tell you something. This 4-Pack Juice bundle got me back on track! I feel amazing 🤩 no more gas or the feeling of being bloated. I put that GINGER ALE down and picked up the GINGER ROOT. I just want to say I’m grateful and glad I can support. My sister and my grandma wants to juice now isn’t that wonderful?!

Jacqueline Barnes
Best juices available!

The juices are fresh and refreshing. I can taste each note of ingredients. Who knew pressed cold juices could be this addicting??

Angela Brown
The Best for my Body

I hate fruits and veggies but I understand there is a need for me to have them. This is the best choice I have made for my body and I am so grateful for EBJ and the vision!!!

Wayne Thomas

My favorite two are the Wind Me Up Chuck & Liquid Gold!
You can literally taste every ingredient that is listed. So fresh & organic :)
I like to drink mines after my workouts with a salad.

Tanesha Hicks

Every juice had a delightful taste. I also love that my items were shipped with UPS to ensure that I had current tracking information. I would highly recommend!

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