Faith McIver - Diversity & Inclusion Specialist

Faith McIver, a PR Specialist by nature, is currently the D&I Specialist at Edelman, a top global PR firm, working to build cross-cultural relationships that benefit their internal workforce as well as external partners and clients.


On her morning routine

Lately, my morning routine consists of waking up around 6 am, opening my bible app to read a short bible plan – that helps me set my intention for the day. Then, I drive to the park to run somewhere between 1 and 5 miles, depending on how I feel. After, I typically stop and grab a smoothie or rush home and make coffee if I take a little too long on my run. Finally, I shower, get dressed, and crack open my laptop and start the day.


Navigating through racial tension as a Diversity and Inclusion Specialist

To be honest, I'm not even sure where to begin. Working in D&I during these times has almost felt like a crisis simulation and an out of body experience. The month of June was very hard for me. I even wrote about what I was experiencing during that time in a piece called "Being Young, Black and in D&I."

What I've come to realize is we are finally at the tipping point to reshape the traditional corporate structure. I think movements like Time's Up and Me Too started the call to action, and now the energy behind the Black Lives Matter movement is pushing the status quo even more. I pray we keep up the momentum, and people stay motivated to make the necessary changes to create workplace equity.

One significant area that I am most interested in seeing reform – and even trying my hand at strategizing around – is "what can be done is for the progression and cultivation of mid-level talent, so we're seen and considered for more opportunities?" It's like there are hundreds of programs and platforms that cater to either building entry-level or senior leaders. But, mid-level is really where the brunt of the work takes place. We manage up and down, advocate for ourselves internally and externally, and all without adequate support. For the diversity of the c-suite and senior leadership to change, the mid-level pool is where that shift is going to come from, but unless we want more of the same, we need programs to help shape the true “leaders of tomorrow.”


Life's Motto

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." It's a bible scripture I was taught at a young age that has gotten me through a lot of tough and uncertain times. It's funny, over the years the words have gained deeper meaning though they've never changed.


Decompressing from day-to-day stress

YOGA! I recently started practicing Ashtanga, and it has opened up my mind and body. If I'm having a really rough day, I'll have a glass of Merlot and take a hot bath.


On her nightly routine

I Netflix and Chill with my laptop likely working on something I should've done during the day. I'm finding I work a lot better at night these days. I don't know if that's a quarantine thing, but I'm able to focus a lot better outside of regular working hours.

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