Why Alkalinity is Important

Balance is the key to a happy, healthy lifestyle. Having a well balanced diet, maintaining a healthy weight, reducing your stress levels, getting plenty of rest and increasing our energy levels are vital to living a healthy lifestyle.

When our bodies are in an alkaline state, we experience better health and mental clarity, enjoy sharper decision-making skills, and resist disease. When our bodies are outside of an alkaline state, we are acidic, which can lead to a foggy or cloudy mental state, lethargy, and increased illness. An alkaline diet also contributes to balanced sugar and diabetes protection and kidney health, while an acidic diet contributes to bone loss and the weakening of bones due to acidosis.


The Fastest Route to Balance 

‚ÄčFortunately, cold-pressed juices can provide all the benefits of eating those leafy greens and alkaline fruits. In one bottle of¬†The Uptown, you can enjoy pounds of celery, which will lower acidity for a balanced pH level.¬†

Our bodies work best when they’re at a 7.3 pH level, which is about slightly alkaline. 

To get a picture of of whether your body is more alkaline or acidic, you can purchase a of pH test. Every morning, before having anything to eat or drink, test your urine. If it’s below 7.0, then your urine is on the acidic side. If results are below 6.5, you might want to change your diet to become more alkaline. 

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