Recovery From Holiday Eating

It's holiday season! That means more time spent with loved ones, but also less time to work out and recover from non-optimal eating. So do yourself a favor and start sneaking in steps during the day to keep yourself on track. We've listed a few tips below to assist with keeping you on track this weekend. 

1. Get Moving!

The No. 1 Thanksgiving health tip we would recommend you do, first thing Friday morning, is get outside and get active.

If you don’t have 20 minutes, even 10 minutes can help you keep that weight off. So, make sure the morning after Thanksgiving to wake up and get moving, whether that’s taking a walk outside or a few crunches in the morning.

In addition to your morning workout, get outside and do something active during the day.

Getting outside and creating a fun family tradition like a family walk is a great way to have a lot of fun, create something new and, at the same time, work to not pack on the pounds from some of those extra calories you’ve consumed Thanksgiving day.

2. Load Up on Fruit to De-Bloat

The rich, salty holiday meals could potentially cause water retention and constipation. Consuming bloat-fighting foods into your diet can ease your gut discomfort and help you slough off a holiday bulge. Kiwi, apples, bananas and papaya all contain compounds that help sluggish bowel movements into loosen up and fight water retention. You can eat them in a fruit salad or eat by themselves.

3. Monitor Your Meals

Finally on the Thanksgiving health tips list, if you want to really keep weight off on Thanksgiving Day, monitor the way you eat this weekend.

Don’t eat a lot of carbs in the morning — you’re probably going to get more carbs in the afternoon. Instead, we recommend a healthy smoothie recipe with good some coconut milk, dates for your protein, and half a cup of berries — but it’s really important to note that the goal is to limit your carbohydrates in the morning.

That’s going to allow your body to burn more carbs later on in the day.

If you follow these three things, you’re not going to pack on the weight. If you overeat a little bit on Thanksgiving, that’s fine — just remember to get back on track this weekend.

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