Adam Butler - Media Personality


Adam Butler is a producer, writer and podcaster from Washington, DC, with over 10 years of experience in the radio, film, television, blogging and social media. Read below to find out how Adam is using his media platform to do good for the universe.

On his morning routine

After I check my emails, I usually drink hot tea (green tea) and go for a run. That’s probably the most important part of my day, it helps clear my mind more than anything. 

    On life's motto

    Try your best because your best will always be enough.


    On using his media platform during times of racial tension

    It’s tough because we didn’t invite this energy, we don’t want to live in world where racial tension is weaponized against us on a regular basis. But the reality is that we do and we have to be aware and it’s also important that we create safe spaces to discuss this stuff. So yea it’s exhausting but we have to have find the balance between keeping people aware and minding our mental health.


    On decompressing from day to day stress

    My family. My fiancé and my step son keep me grounded, finding time to just focus on them and nothing else helps me more than ai could ever express.


    On his nightly routine

    I usually try to log off around 7pm (doesn’t always work out that way lol) and then it’s family time. We watch movies, we eat, we talk and then we head to bed. Sounds simple but it helps me detox and it’s keeps me on a schedule. 


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