Jason Gray - Founder of Zumble


Jason Gray is the founder of Zumble. Zumble began in 2012 as a trivia card company specializing in 90's pop culture. Today, behind the leadership and vision of Jason, they have transformed into a media/production company creating content based around the late 80's - early 2000's, but mainly the 90's. Learn more about Jason below.


On his morning routine

I wake up around 7:00 AM every morning. I say a little prayer, drink a bottle of water, washing up, brush my teeth and go get a quick hour workout in. This is the same routine every morning — Monday thru Friday.


Life's motto

I’ve learned there are 2 types of people in this world. There are PROCESS people and there are RESULTS people. I’m a process person. I love the journey. The journey is so much better than than the destination. My motto is, “PROGRESSION over PERFECTION. 


On his definition of balance

For me, balance is overrated. I don’t believe in work life balance… I call it work life integration. I figure out ways to bring my work and life together and make it one thing.  I predicate my well-7being on how happy I am doing the things that I do. I workout everyday and I drink my water and I don’t really eat unhealthy much so I’m good in that department for the most part. My eating habits could be better but I’m a relatively healthy person. 


On embracing change

Over the last 15+ years, I’ve developed some important life skills playing online poker. I’m a really good tournament player. What it taught me was, in order to win, you have to take big risks (with lots of money on the line). It also taught me how to trust my instincts. When I’m preparing for a big change, it’s always a risk and I’m fully aware that it could cost me a lot but I do know that if it works, it’ll position my company to be even more successful. Normally, when I make a big change, it’s because I feel comfortable or I feel like the everyday process is getting to repetitive. I function better with a little bit of chaos. I like feeling uncomfortable. Being safe is in business and at the poker table is for losers. We call them “FISH.”


Also, when I make big changes, I never overthink it. I follow my instincts, even if I think it’s crazy. I’m not afraid of change and I’m not afraid to dismantle my businesses for it to grow. If you notice, every 2-3 years, I make a big change. I could easily stay complacent and make money but I’m not in it for the money, I”m in it for the journey. I’ve sat in front of a computer for 10 hours playing poker to win a tournament, and when I won, it didn’t feel as good as the journey to get there. It’s the same with business. I spent 2 months doing a brand refresh and when it was done, it didn’t feel as good as when I was actually working on relaunching. Soon as it was done I was ready for the next journey.


On his nightly routine

After I wash up and brush my teeth…. I either 1) Read 2-3 chapters of the book I’m currently reading (right now I’m reading Save The Cat. It’s a book on screen writing) or 2) I’m on Youtube watching educational videos on something I’m working on. Right now I’m either watching videos from ‘Lessons From The Screenwriter’, ’Studiobinder’, or videos about running a media company. I’m addicted to inspiration and my addiction usually kicks in when I get into bed.


You can learn more about Zumble here. 

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