Ron Curtis - Financial Literacy Specialist


Ron Curtis is a certified financial and credit specialist. He's also the co-founder of First Base Inc., a nonprofit based in Washington. DC focused on community outreach and professional development for undeserved youth. Learn more about Ron below.


On his morning routine

When I wake up in the morning I like to take time to breath and evaluate the day ahead of me. This quarantine is a blessing and a curse but it has allowed us to step away from the rat race. It's allowed me to reclaim my time. I wake up breath/meditate for 5-10 mins and plan my day. I write down my top 3-5 goals to accomplish that day and start knocking out the one that has the biggest impact first. Discipline is key so I am in the process of implementing morning stretches, workouts, & balanced breakfasts. My morning are mostly mental getting my mind right for the goals/task I have to accomplish.


On finances playing a role in overall wellness 

I believe generational health & generational wealth are one in the same. Your financial situation plays a critical part on your overall wellness. Some examples could be stress, access to healthy foods, access to health care, physical fitness, etc. Being in good to great financial health will ease aforementioned items.


On Life's Motto 

”No Worries All Dollars” I grew up in church and I am a man of faith. My mom always told me the bible says to be anxious for nothing. It's so much to worry about in life but this motto allows me to focus on not worrying and focus on putting myself into the position to obtain the quality of life I was put here to live and one resource that will allow me to do that is money/wealth. They print it everyday why not go get it?


On making the transition to a financial/credit specialist

I would say experience allowed me to make this transition. They say experience is the best teacher and I learned a lot when I got myself into 10K worth of credit card debt. I was able to teach myself how to get out of that situation which allowed me to teach others. I published a ebook called financial lit the millennials  guide to financial literacy and this propelled me into my financial literacy coach career.


On his nightly routine

Check my calendar to prepare for the day ahead and watch something engaging that I can learn from or enjoy. Occasionally I read to fall asleep which also helps and I try to make sure I pray before I got to bed, you have to thank God for your blessings.


Learn more about Ron here.

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