Dr. Victor Kidd - Sport Mental Health Consultant & Trauma Responsive Clinician



Dr. Victor D. Kidd is a Sport Mental Health Consultant and Sport Psychotherapist, who utilizes his clinical training to impact systems in sport organizations and athletes. As a consultant, Dr. Kidd currently assists the National Basketball Association (NBA) on various initiatives that support their innovative approach to supporting key stakeholders. In addition, Dr. Kidd works as a Clinician/Psychotherapist at Basics Group Practice, LLC providing therapeutic services to athletes, first responders, and Black males experiencing trauma, general and performance anxiety, depression, and co-occurring disorders. Read below to find out more about all the good Dr. Kidd is doing for the universe.


On his morning routine

My morning routine consists of waking up, taking a good shower, reading, and meditating. Right now, I am running myself through an online mindfulness meditation series that helps with expelling negative emotions. I also am reading a religious book “52 weeks with Jesus,” to rededicate myself to my spiritual walk. I finish the morning routine with a half a cup of organic oats, 1 cup of blueberries, and 5 hard boiled eggs! 


On life's motto

Interesting, I guess it would be, study long, you study wrong, meaning we contemplate our decisions a little too much sometimes, if you have an idea or a plan JUST JUMP! Then figure everything out later. I am living testament to it.


On coping with the trauma, that black people have faced over the past several months

Honestly, this is a really tough question because I am in the thick of things. I think I use being with my family as a way to cope with what’s going on. My consultant business is picking up, so I use that vehicle to advocate and discuss the challenges facing the Black community. I think right now, I am still processing a lot of things that are taking place. 


On decompressing from day-to-day stress

I practice deep breathing before I go to bed to reset for the next day. Deep breathing is something you have to practice, and it helps with getting oxygen to your brain. I am a little scared to go back to the gym so other methods of physical stimulation such as deep breathing and yoga is important.


On balancing career duties with personal well-being

I’m still trying to find a science for this because I am young and think every opportunity deserves my time. Reluctantly, I am learning the power of no and that has helped. As I refine my career and focus, I am able to pick my spots and decide what deserves my time. I am an employee right now, but I will be transitioning into an entrepreneurial space in the next 5 years, so I need to get a sound process soon! :-) 


On nightly routine

First, I take a good hot shower, sometimes cold, then I follow up with bullet point journaling where I only jot down 3 sentences about how I feel, my goals, what I need to get better at, and my early morning to do list. I follow up with a prayer and get some good rest!

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