What Happens to Your Body Doing a Juice Cleanse

There are a lot of misconceptions about juice cleanses, and with enough nutrition, you can easily find yourself confused about what actually happens when you eliminate all solid food and only drink juice.

Over the course of three to five days, your body will undergo a series of changes, revealing the status of your current health, and leaving you feeling lighter and revitalized. 

When you first begin a cleanse, you will feel hungry! What a surprise, right? While the body experiences a sudden on surge of hunger, it is much more of a typical response by the body than a bodily need.

Over a lifetime of regularly eating every 4-5 hours, our bodies become accustomed to routine, and stoppage to the routine may come as an unpleasant shock to your body. Additionally, your digestion is functioning normally, unaware of the diet switch, causing the quick surge in appetite. You may feel a sense of lethargy towards the end of the first day.

This is due to the caloric deficit from not eating solid foods. If you workout later in the evening, you may need to stop working out or take it easy since your body will be lower in energy than normal.

If you like to snack in the late night, you should consume lemon water with chia seeds to fight off cravings. Your body is entering into a fasted state which will aid in weight-loss and a sudden introduction of calories may cause this process to stop.

Midway through your cleanse, you may be experiencing sugar withdrawals. If you are an avid coffee drinker, this will be the most challenging stage. At this point, your digestion has slowed down, and the hunger and cravings may have lessened.

You may have noticed you’re going to the bathroom a lot more than usual. This is normal and not to cause concern.

Finishing up the cleanse and entering back consuming a solid food diet, you should be feeling much lighter inside and out. Most time, foods such as gluten or dairy can cause feelings of discomfort so removing them your body entirely can do you a lot of good. 

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